​Holly Willoughby Absolutely P****s Herself Over Massaging And Stuffing A Turkey


Holly Willoughby got the giggles on live TV – again. This time things took a festive turn, as chef Jamie Oliver showed us all how to make a turkey on This Morning.

Credit: This Morning / ITV

Roasting a turkey involves a lot of stuffing, massaging and basting, so there was no hope for Holly and Philip – a.k.a. British TV’s famously inappropriate giggling duo. And true to form, there were plenty of stifled laughs during this live cooking skit.

As the camera pans along a bottles of bubbly on a table, Holly and Phil introduce the Christmas food and drink segment – including an upcoming turkey masterclass from Jamie Oliver.

Suddenly it cuts to Jamie, who’s stood in the kitchen area ‘limbering up’ a turkey, moving the legs around seductively (well, as seductively as you can do that with a giant raw bird) and pulling weird faces.

Credit: This Morning / ITV

“Oh steady on,” Holly shouts across the room.

Philip joins in, saying: “Oh wow, wow. Oh my God!

“The turkey’s limbering up!” Holly squeals, absolutely creasing up while covering up her red cheeks with her hands.

Eventually the time comes for Holly and Philip to give Jamie a hand with the big bird, with Holly on buttering up duties.

As Holly takes the massive lump of butter in her hand, she asks, hesitantly: “Where am I sticking it?”

“Over the breast,” Jamie instructs.

Honestly, there’s no wonder This Morning is famous for its inappropriate LOLs.

Credit: This Morning / ITV

“This is weird,” Holly says as she massages the butter, before laughing and asking: “Is this pressure okay?”

Philip, who’s been fairly quiet, then joins in by jokingly humming a tune that sounds straight out of a 70s porn flick.

Then Holly has to stuff the bird. Ramming a clementine up its, erm, orifice, she actually apologises to it – while Jamie pops the stuffing into the other end through the neck hole.

Luckily things end a little more innocently, as the three sit around the table to sample their cooking, while Jamie talks through tips for all the trimmings.

“Jamie, you’re a legend, thank you so much,” Holly says.

Holly and Phil are well known for losing it on live TV, but this time the innuendos were more non-stop than ever. Being their last appearance on This Morning before the Christmas break, we’re guessing spirits were particularly high.

Featured Image Credit: This Morning / ITV

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