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Home Turkey $25M turkey hatchery proposed in Beresford, S.D. | Local news

$25M turkey hatchery proposed in Beresford, S.D. | Local news


$25M turkey hatchery proposed in Beresford, S.D. | Local news |

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BERESFORD, S.D. | Hendrix Genetics, an animal breeding company, has announced plans to construct a new commercial turkey hatchery in Beresford.

According to a press release, the $25 million hatchery will have capacity to house 35 million hatching eggs, and will join a network of commercial hatcheries in the U.S. and Canada.

The company and the South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development announced the project Tuesday.

Hendrix estimated the plant will bring 100 temporary and permanent jobs to the Beresford area. The company cited a skilled workforce and support of the local community for selecting the site.

“I could not be more pleased and excited to have a company of this caliber joining our community,” Mayor Jim Fedderson said. “When you consider that we are getting a quality company, 50-plus jobs, more people living in our town and more kids in our great school system, this really becomes a win-win for the city of Beresford.”

Hendrix Genetics, based in Boxmeer, N.L. is a multi-species breeding company involved with layers, turkeys, swine, aquaculture and traditional poultry. The company is a leading breeder and distributor of turkeys under the Hybrid brand.


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