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Call Putin what you like, but its quite obvious to most Middle Eastern states that he is the grand master.

Who else is able to maintain good working relations with Iran, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Kurds, Iraq, Hezbollah, Egypt, Libya and Algeria? Russia of course.

That in itself is quite a feat and something the idiots in charge of pontificating America and narrow Israel can only aspire to.

America doesn’t have what it takes, clearly. Russia does. Hence why a big strategic re-alignment is taking place. The Anglo-Zionists have offered war, conflict and blatant mischief in their bid to plunge the region into chaos. Everybody wants change and is sick of the dumb little games of the imperialists.

Russia proves hands down that there is a better alternative to US-Israeli barking and chaos.

I don’t blame Turkey for moving with the times.

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