Construction worker killed in PKK attack in SE Turkey


SIRNAK, Turkey 

A construction worker was killed and another one injured in an armed attack by the terrorist group PKK in southeastern Turkey, sources said on Sunday.

The terror group attacked a worksite where the two laborers were working on the 20th kilometer of the Sirnak-Van highway in southeastern Turkey, the source said on the condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking with the media.

Three terrorists, who attacked the worksite, were killed after security forces conducted an air-backed operation in the region, a security source said.

The operation is still ongoing, the source added.

The PKK is listed as a terror organization by Turkey, the U.S., and the EU.

More than 1,200 victims, including security personnel and civilians, have lost their lives in PKK attacks in Turkey since the terror group resumed its decades-old campaign in July 2015.

*Reporting by Ekrem Payan; Writing by Handan Kazanci 

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