Coronation turkey is the ideal treatment for leftovers


Today’s recipe is one of my favourites for using up leftover turkey – and perhaps it is no surprise that it involves curry. We all know that the recipe (made originally with chicken, dressed with mayonnaise and curry powder) dates back to the 1953 coronation, but maybe not that the 1935 silver jubilee of George V was celebrated in a similar fashion with a dish called “jubilee chicken”.

Thanks to the recent film Victoria & Abdul, the story of Queen Victoria’s love of curry and fondness for her Indian attendant Abdul Karim is now a familiar one, despite Edward VII’s attempt to erase it from history. Yet the roots of Britain’s love of spice can be traced back much further still.

The very first English cookery book, The Forme of Cury, dates back to the reign of Richard II in the late 14th century. Although its title suggests something similar to the word we use today, “cury” was a reference to…

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