Eid al-Fitr 2017: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria to celebrate Eid on Sunday


Ankara/Tehran, June 24: After observing the fast for 29 days of Ramadan, the people of Turkey along with neighbouring Iran, Iraq and Syria are expecting the sighting of the moon tonight. Despite the tensions in the war-torn region, the people were seen buying eateries for the auspicious day. The astronomers predicted the region may see the crescent moon on Saturday night but the location of the sighting and meteorological conditions will determine the appearance of the moon.

Similarly, festivities were seen in alleys of Tehran. Shia dominated country will observe the Eid after the official announcement is made from the office of its supreme religious leader. Iranians began their fasting on May 27 last month. The country also witnessed the bloody attack on its parliament in the holy month of Ramadan. Similar festivities were witnessed in Baghdad where people chose to defy the constant attacks post-invasion of the country by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Although the forces of Iraqi Military along with NATO allied forces wiped out the terrorist organisation’s hold, Mosul still remains the last bastion to fight out.

Eid is celebrated as per lunar calendar. At the International Hijri Calendar Unity Congress held in Istanbul in May 2016, members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation voted in favour of adopting a unified lunar calendar.

For June 24, the astronomers predicted the moon can be seen after 19-26  minutes of Sunset in most Muslim dominated countries across the world. They further added new moon birth will be at 02:31 GMT. May this Eid bring new success and prosperity to our readers!

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