Erdogan rally during G20 summit not possible, Germany to tell Turkey


On Wednesday, Turkey officially requested permission for Mr Erdogan to address Turks in Germany on the sidelines of his visit to the summit, which is being held in Hamburg.

The request comes at a time when relations between Germany and Turkey are frayed over a range of issues, and when German police resources are stretched by security for the G20.

News agency dpa reported that Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said during a visit to Moscow on Thursday: “We are telling Turkey that we are convinced such an appearance in Germany is not possible.”

Mr Gabriel said he had told his Turkish counterpart weeks ago that “we don’t think this is a good idea”.

He said that “Mr Erdogan is an important guest at the G20 and will be received with all honours by us there. But we believe everything that goes beyond that is inappropriate at this point in time.”

Mr Erdogan last addressed supporters in Germany in May 2015.

Germany has a large ethnic Turkish minority.

Earlier this year, Mr Erdogan accused Germany, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, of “committing Nazi practices” after some local authorities blocked appearances by Turkish ministers hoping to campaign in Germany ahead of Turkey’s referendum on expanding presidential powers.

Relations between the two countries have been frayed by a widening range of other issues, including Turkey’s jailing of two German journalists.

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