Fancy white wine with the Christmas turkey? Susy Atkins picks the best


I have one word when it comes 
to pairing Christmas turkey with its perfect white: chardonnay. I’m sorry if you don’t like the sound of it, but this is – by far – the grape variety that best suits the festive bird.

Chardonnay gives generously fruity, rounded, ripe whites, exactly what’s needed for the whole loaded plateful.

That said, it’s a chameleon-like grape that changes style according to where and how it is made.

So you can avoid rich, toasty-oaky New World chardonnay (the style that tends to divide the room) by picking a more refined and subtle one from France. Burgundy, probably, and northern Burgundy for a chardonnay from Chablis 
if you want a more elegant, cooler-climate, subtler take (giving you a white that suits a salmon or seafood first course as well). For a southern French style, see below.

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