Five electrocuted at a water park in Turkey


Five people, including three teenagers, have been electrocuted in a swimming pool in the northwestern Sakarya province in Turkey.

According to Sky sources, the 58-year-old owner of the aqua park and his 30-year-old son are among the dead,

The pair were electrocuted when they jumped into the pool after noticing the three teenagers were being shocked in the water.

Other personnel at the aqua park in the town of Akyazi cut the electricity in the building.

The five victims were rushed to a hospital, however their hearts had already stopped due to the electrocution, according to the hospital.

Turkish gendarmerie officials said there was no residual current device (RCD) at the aqua park after inspecting the scene.

RCD is a device that instantly breaks an electric circuit to prevent serious harm from an ongoing electric shock.

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