Germany warns Turkey presidential bodguards named by USA not welcome at G20 summit


The leader of Germany’s Social Democrats, Martin Shultz, has had harsh words for the Turkish president ahead of the G20
summit, and now Germany’s foreign minister has said he wants none of the Turkish bodyguards involved in the fracas in
Washington in May on German soil.

“Our country is an open country. But we have no intention of bringing other countries’ domestic political conflicts into our population.
For us the Turks are part of our society. People living here, with German citizenship or not, are for us citizens of our country,” said
Sigmar Gabriel.

Turkey’s ambassador, speaking on behalf of the foreign ministry, was quick to react, describing both mens’ comments as “regrettable”.
President Erdogan has been trying to find a venue for a mass rally in Germany on the margins of the G20 summit, but none in the
Hamburg region have said they are available.

Huseyin Muftuoglu added any moves “towards imposing restrictions on freedom of assembly and expression” would reveal “the double
standard of those who aim to lecture … others”.

There are also fears of protests and possible violence similar to the scenes in Washington, when Erdogan’s bodguards attacked
peaceful demonstrators. Eight of them have been named and are wanted for questioning in the USA.

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