How did Turkey’s parliament respond to the July 15 coup attempt?


Joint Resolution Adopted at the Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly, 16 July, 2016:

Representing this glorious and heroic nation, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) has kept exercising its duty amid a barrage of bombs and bullets. It has shown that it is an assembly worthy of its nation.

The TBMM is an assembly that has waged the National War of Independence, has fostered this system of parliamentary democracy, and has raised the nation from poverty and destitution. Our assembly has come up with its response to the coup in full unity.

The determination shown by the TBMM against the coup is extremely essential for further reinforcing democracy in Turkey. As today, in the future, too, every encroachment against our venerable TBMM will be confronted by the iron will of the assembly.

It is of historic import that every political party group in our assembly should have stood with a common attitude and language against the coup; it will take its place in history.

This common attitude and common language will further empower our nation and our national will.

The TBMM is in charge, in full unity. And the assembly of the people will make those who launched this attack on the nation and on our sovereignty pay the highest price that the law permits. This declaration is the proof that nothing will ever be the same in Turkey. Though we have our differences as four separate parties, we also all stand by the national will.

We all look after it and we forever will. Let our nation rest assured. Our nation and its representatives have not let the nation down, and they never will. We once more strongly condemn the attack against our democracy, our nation, and the TBMM.

We call on everyone to abstain from acts of violence that are in excess of democratic reactions. We remember our martyrs with compassion and wish our wounded a quick recovery. We salute all friends and fraternal nations that have been sending us their messages of support.

 Binali Yıldırım — Head of the AK Party Group in the Grand National Assembly

 İdris Baluken — Acting Head of the HDP Group in the Grand National Assembly

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