Hurricane Harvey victims travel to Worthington, MN for King Turkey Day


WORTHINGTON, M.N. – The exciting King Turkey Day Festival is taking place in Worthington this weekend and it was more special than ever.

“When people think of King Turkey Day around here, they always think about the turkey race,” King Turkey Day Committee President Jaime Salinas said.

People packed the streets Saturday to see the 45th annual Great Gobbler Gallop.

The Paycheck race team from Worthington and the Ruby Begonia race team from Quero, Texas faced off in the race.

“It’s great to see our downtown Main Street packed with people, lined up on both sides of the street, watching those turkeys, watching four people trying to make turkeys run,” Salinas said.

The team from Texas made the journey to Worthington about four weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit.
Like much of Texas, the town suffered damage to homes and trees because of the hurricane.
The mayor of Cuero says they didn’t let that stop them from getting to Turkey King Day.
Fortunately, they are looking ahead to the rebuilding stage.

“Some of the communities, it’s going to take a couple of years because they’ve been wiped off the face of the Earth. Other communities are going to be up and running pretty quickly. The generosity of people in Worthington as well as other places around the country has been overwhelming,” Mayor Sara Postmeyer said.

Worthington has been collecting donations all week and will be sending those to Quero to help their friendly rival.

The winner of this year’s Great Gobbler Gallop was the Worthington team with Paycheck.

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