Inter-Agency Coordination Turkey Protection Sector – Q3 | January – September 2017 – Turkey



Protection sector actors have been working to engage both refugee and host community members, facilitating dialogue on key protection issues and establishing wider networks for communication with communities.

UNHCR strengthened its partnership with the Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) in recognition of the role that imams, municipalities and mukhtars play in assisting refugees and mitigating possible social tension. The Office conducted five workshops for imams and other Diyanet personnel in quarter 3 with the cooperation of Mufti Offices and the participation of PDMM, PDFSP, Turkish Red Crescent, local municipalities, universities and partner NGOs in five cities in Turkey, with nearly 400 participants. The towns were selected and prioritized according to refugee population size and reported increasing tension between refugee and host communities. This strategy of engaging with stakeholders on alleviating social tension will be further enhanced in the 4th quarter of the year.

UNFPA has been engaging community members, both men and boys and women and girls, on raising awareness of and drawing attention to child marriages, a significant problem among refugee families in Turkey. Twelve Child Marriage Awareness Panels for Syrian Refugees have been held across nine provinces from May to September with 4,862 participants, 28% of which were male and included presentations on the physical and social impact of child marriages and relevant legal issues.

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