International mothers mark Mother’s Day in Turkey


By Sinan Balcikoca

BURSA, Turkey

Homesickness aside, women who came to Turkey from all over the world for various reasons said they were very happy to mark Mother’s Day in Turkey.

As in other Turkish cities, there are many foreigners in the northwestern Bursa province from a host of countries, including Syria, Iraq, Indonesia, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Kazakhstan, Albania, and Japan.

Women who are away from their home countries on Mother’s Day said they were very satisfied with the hospitality Turkish people have shown them.

“I’ve been in Turkey since 2012. I’m very happy in Turkey. We are welcomed here very nicely,” Mardiana D., an Indonesian who married a Turkish man and had three children, told Anadolu Agency.

Zeliha K. from Albania said: “I’ve been in Turkey for four years. My husband is studying at university here. I wish there was peace in every country and people didn’t have to leave their countries. My mother is in Albania. I want to mark her Mother’s Day from here.”

Rana A., a mother of four who fled the war in Syria, said: “I feel very sorry for those who lost their children in Syria.”

Guletar A., a mother from Russia, said: “I’ve been living in Turkey for one-and-a-half years. We were welcomed here.”

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