Iran-Turkey interests intertwined with security


IRNA – Turkish consul general in Tabriz Chaqlar Faheri Chaker Alep said Iran-Turkey interests are intertwined with both countries’ security.

Chaker Alep made the remarks in a press conference held on the occasion of Turkey’s failed military coup.

Addressing the meeting, he said Iran and Turkey are brothers and they support each other in difficulties.

Chaker Alep pointed to sanctions imposed on Iran as inappropriate, noting that Turkey stood by Iran in sanction-era.

Iran and Turkey have the same stances in regard to ISIL and both countries have taken major steps in fighting terrorists, he said.

Chaker Alep referred to Iran-Turkey cooperation in safeguarding the region as necessary, and said fighting terrorism requires international cooperation.

In the wake of the failed military coup in Turkey which took place on July 15–16 2016, 150 people were arrested and some 50 people were imprisoned.

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