Iraq officially demands Turkey, Iran deal exclusively with Baghd


BAGHDAD, Iraq – The Iraqi foreign ministry on Friday said that they officially called upon Turkey and Iran a week ago to only deal with the central government on border ports and in oil matters, also asking them to close all ports with Kurdistan until they come under the control of the Iraqi government.


The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said that they submitted in a letter to Iran and Turkey a week ago through their respective embassies in Baghdad.


The statement explains that the letter had outlined two requests to Iran and Turkey, asking them in the first point of the letter to only deal with Baghdad on border ports and close the ports not under the control of the central government.


In the second point outlined in the letter, they have asked these two countries to halt all their business dealings with the Kurdistan Region, especially in the matters of oil exports and sales of the Kurdistan Region. Iraq has called upon these two countries to deal with Baghdad only in these matters.


The statement also says that the Iraqi government is working with Turkey and Iran to enforce all the decisions and implement all the measures they have agreed upon on the basis of the principles of neighborhood, protecting the sovereignty of the Iraqi territory and confronting the common threats.

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