Mehmet Akarca: No country provided serious assistance to Turkey during refugee crisis


No country provided serious assistance to Turkey during the refugee crisis, said Mehmet Akarca, head of the Turkish Prime Ministry’s Directorate General of Press and Information.


Turkey has spent $25 billion on refugees so far, Akarca told a group of foreign journalists who are paying a visit to this country, an APA correspondent reported from Turkey.


“The EU promised to provide financial assistance in the amount of 4 billion dollars, but we have not yet received this money,” he noted.


He said that one of the greatest disasters in the world is war and the forced relocation of people from their homes.


The Turkish official also noted that about one million Azerbaijanis have been displaced from their homes as a result of the Armenian aggression.


He also expressed regret over the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq.


“Turkey is now home to nearly 3.5 million refugees from these two countries. They [refugees] in Turkey share the same rights with our citizens. They will be able to live in Turkey as much as they need,” Akarca added.


He said that nearly 3.2 million of refugees in Turkey are from Syria, and the rest from Iraq, Africa and some European countries.    






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