NATO views Russia supplying Turkey with S-400 systems as ‘provocation’


For NATO, the supply of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Turkey is a real “provocation,” the German magazine Der Spiegel writes .

The alliance fears that with the help of the S-400, Moscow will be able to find the strengths and weaknesses of the fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets that Ankara intends to purchase from Washington, the publication said.

“Ironically, the S-400 is considered potentially the most dangerous enemy of a multifunctional fighter, which in the next few years will become the basis of the US Air Force and other countries,” Spiegel writes.

As reported in the article, servicemen of NATO countries are wary of deliveries of Russian SAMs, since, in their opinion, they can become Moscow’s “eye in Turkey”.

With the help of the S-400, Russia will be able to obtain all the data on the F-35 and other combat aircraft, the authors of the material believe.

In the opinion of the editorial board, the S-400 will also hit the stealth technology, which reduces the visibility of the F-35. As Spiegel writes, Russian ZRKs will be able to record onboard radar data, ground communication channels and radio communications, with the help of which the S-400 will “step by step study and locate allegedly invisible fighters.”

“For the F-35 armament system, of which stealth technology and data transfer capabilities are critical, this would be a disaster,” the publication notes.

In December last year, Turkey and Russia signed an agreement on the supply of S-400. Ankara will buy two batteries of air defense systems, which will be serviced by Turkish personnel. The sides also agreed on technological cooperation in the development of the production of anti-aircraft missile systems in Turkey.

The United States, as well as NATO representatives, repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the supply of S-400 to Turkey. US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell stated that the purchase of Russian SAMs could negatively affect the supply of American F-35s to Turkey.

Sources: Der Speigel, RIA

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