Nippon TV and Medyapim, Joins Forces With the Japanese Embassy in Turkey and Ankara University, to Celebrate Success of the Hit Drama Series Mother and Woman With a Joint Conference Held in Ankara


ANKARA, TURKEY – April 16, 2018 – At a joint conference held on Friday in Ankara, Turkey, executives from Nippon TV and MEDYAPIM came together with the Japanese Embassy in Turkey and Ankara University to celebrate the success of Mother (Anne in Turkey) and Woman (Kadin in Turkey), two of Nippon TV’s most successful dramas that have become mega hits in Turkey. In attendance were Mr. Akio Miyajima, the Japanese Ambassador to Turkey, Mr. Fatih Aksoy, CEO of MEDYAPIM, Ms. Ozge Ozpirincci, lead actress of Kadin, Ms. Kako Kuwahara, Managing Director of Nippon TV, and the three creators of Mother and Woman, including Mr. Hisashi Tsugiya, Producer, Mr. Nobuo Mizuta, Director and Mr. Yuji Sakamoto, award-winning scriptwriter.

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