Over 42,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey return to Jarablous


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – As many as 42,000 Syrians have reportedly returned to Jarablous town, in northern Syria, since the town was reclaimed from ISIS militants in a joint operation by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Turkish troops in August 2016, according to Turkish officials.

An estimated 200 people including women and children return to the town on a daily basis after they go through security checks in Gaziantep, according to Anadolu Agency, citing an official at the Gaziantep migration department in southern Turkey. 

The Turkish led-Operation Euphrates Shield, which lasted for seven months was a wide-scale operation Turkey launched on the Syrian territory to what they called push back terror threats on their borders with the help of the FSA.

Turkey had earlier announced the “successful” end of Operation Euphrates Shield, which also saw the capture of al-Bab from ISIS.   

Turkey hosts the most Syrian refugees in the world, numbering 3 million. Among them, over 1 million are child refugees, making Turkey the biggest host of child refugees in the world.

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