Protestors ask Turkey and FSA to oust YPG from towns in northern Syria


Hundreds of people have staged protests against the YPG in northern Syria. The YPG are the armed wing of the PYD and are based in northern Syria.

The demonstrators, who staged rallies in Azaz, Jarablus and Al Bab towns of Syria, urged Turkey and the Free Syrian Army to seize towns and villages from the YPG. 

Turkey is seeking to contain the YPG group in Syria considering it as an extension of the PKK, which is recognised as a terrorist group by Anakara, the US and EU.

The PKK has been at war with the Turkish state for much of the period since 1984 and has been responsible for around 40,000 deaths in the country since then. 

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition group members said on Friday they were preparing to join the Turkish military in a major new offensive against the YPG in northwestern Syria.

The goal of the battle would be to regain a string of Arab villages in Syria near the Turkish border that were seized last year by the YPG, the rebels said.

“There is a coming extensive joint operation we are preparing with the Turkish army to expel these extremist separatist militias (YPG) from our land,” Mustafa Sejari, a senior official in the Western and Turkish-backed rebel group Liwa al-Mutasem, said.

Turkey has been pouring tanks, artillery and troops into the Syrian town of Azaz, the last town before the border with Turkey, its Syrian rebel allies say. It marks the biggest deployment of Turkish troops into Syria since Ankara launched a major incursion into northern Syria last year.

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