Sestek’s Virtual Assistant Technology Contributes to Asista, Turkey’s First Smart Home Assistant


ISTANBUL–()–Sestek’s technology significantly contributed to Asista, the first
virtual home assistant to enter the Turkish market. Introduced and
designed by Arçelik —the leading electronic appliance company in Turkey,
third-ranked in Europe and globally known for its Grundig and Beko
brands— Asista fully integrates Sestek’s Virtual Assistant innovations.
The device is sleek, hands-free and perpetually available to ease users’
day-to-day lives.

Integrating Advanced Natural Language Processing Technology
to Sestek’s Natural Language Processing technology, Asista understands
speech patterns and responds swiftly to voice commands. This
differentiates the device from simpler rule-based options on the market,
equipping it to perform diverse and nuanced tasks.
Asista responds
to requests to play music, read the newspaper or describe the weather
forecast. When the device needs clarification, it asks additional
questions, engaging users in intelligent conversation. When synched to
other home appliance or electronics, Asista turns them off or on upon
request. Simply say, “Asista, turn off the air conditioning,” or “open
the curtains,” and it complies.

Arriving on the International Stage
The introduction
of Asista propels Turkey’s virtual assistant market onto the
international stage. “Our collaboration with Arçelik proves our strength
in the intelligent virtual assistant market,” says Professor Levent
Arslan, Sestek’s CEO. “We intend to continue embedding our technologies
in cutting-edge smart applications going forward.” This collaboration
represents a beginning, not a culmination, as Sestek identifies and
develops generative future projects.

About Sestek
Sestek began providing Speech Enabled Smart
Technologies in 2000. Since then, the company has patented numerous
innovative technologies, collaborated on important projects within
academia and grown its clientele across a range of business areas. The
performance and stability of Sestek’s technologies and the company’s
willingness to tailor solutions to clients’ needs give the fast-growing
company a unique advantage over its competitors. Sestek’s
state-of-the-art products include Speech Analytics, Voice Biometrics,
Text-to-Speech, Natural Dialog, Virtual Assistant and Chatbot. To learn
more, please visit

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