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With the start of turkey season, many hunters across Oklahoma are up before dawn, listening for a distant gobble.

Turkey season is a time that tests everything you have as a hunter. No bird is the same, and old toms aren’t easy to pattern or kill, they often leave you guessing. 

On a recent hunt I had a tricky tom stay on his roost until around 8:30, before flying down and vanishing. Each of the birds I’ve hunted this year have seemed to be one step ahead and always seem to give me the slip. The trick is staying consistent and being as flawless when calling or setting decoys as possible. That is what will lead to success.

Turkey hunting provides some of the best time in the woods. Most of the time, the weather is nice, of course you never know with Oklahoma weather, and long sits or scouting trips can be enjoyable. 

Another nice thing about turkey hunting is you don’t need to spend a fortune on gear to be successful, I’ve seen people kill turkeys with nothing but an old turkey tail fan used as a decoy, or even no decoy at all. Don’t get me wrong fancy gear and decoys are nice but they’re not required to have a memorable hunt.

One thing I’ve already noticed this year is how many ticks are out and about. After having a very mild winter, I imagine this year will be one of those years where deet will be worth its weight in gold. Turkey hunting is another time when ticks are a major problem, so remember to spray down before heading out.

Another thing to keep in mind is all the great public hunting areas Oklahoma has to offer. There are several places around the state that offer some amazing turkey hunting. 

I wish all of you readers the best of luck in the woods this spring.

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