Thai ambassador to Turkey quits NRSA


He was among 25 NRSA members who tendered their resignation. Their term in office as NRSA members will end this month. 

Suvat, however, clarified on Tuesday that his resignation was not because he wanted to run in the election expected late next year.

The new charter requires the NRSA members to resign from their posts within 90 days of promulgation of the charter if they wished to contest in an election. The deadline is today.

“I resigned because as an ambassador I would be busy with my official work in Turkey. So I decided to hand in the resignation. I have no intention to join politics or run in an election,” said Suvat who was a NRSA spokesman. Suvat will reach retirement age this September.

He was appointed as a NRSA member on October 2015 when he was a deputy permanent secretary for foreign affairs. He was posted to Turkey early this year. 

Several reformers have submitted their resignation letters as they said they wanted to prepare for the coming election.

Among noted politicians from the political reform committee who have resigned are: Sompong Srakavee and Suchon Chaleekruea of Pheu Thai Party, Nikorn Chamnong of Chart Thai Pattana, Damrong Pidech of Tuang Kuen Puen Pa (Thai Forest Land Reclamation) Party and some others.


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