Trump meets with Turkey’s Erdogan on Syria


President Trump held an unscheduled meeting with Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan Saturday at the group of 20 meeting in Germany.

“President Erdogan sought out President Trump for a brief, unplanned meeting on the sidelines of the G20,” according to a White House spokesperson. “The two leaders discussed the situation in Syria.”

The relationship between the U.S. and Turkey is tense, although Trump met with the controversial leader at the White House in May.

Following that meeting, Erdogan’s personal guards assaulted multiple protesters at the Turkish ambassador’s residence not far from the White House. Police and local officials described it as a violent attack on peaceful demonstrators.

Nine people were taken to local hospitals for their injuries, and two people were arrested. Video also caught Erdogan watching the assault.

Washington D.C. police issued arrest warrants for assault on 12 Turkish citizens following the incident, including nine Turkish security officers and three Turkish police officers.

The president does not appear to have brought up the violent clash with his Turkish counterpart.


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