Turkey Invades Staten Island Man’s Front Lawn, Lays 18 Eggs


Gambardella is a humble man. He’s trying to work within the framework of the law to have the imposing bird removed from the premises, but he’s encountering some confusing legal setbacks. Per a report from CBS New York, Gambardella has tried calling the authorities via 3-1-1. He’s also done the noble deed of phoning the ASPCA, but to no avail. In order to remove a wild turkey and its eggs, Gambardella needs a special permit from New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, which he doesn’t have. 

Speaking to a reporter outside his home, the Staten Island man expressed trepidation at the sight of the big, determined mother bird.

“Look at the claws on her,” he said. 


The DEC noted in a statement that Gambardella could have the turkey removed from his lawn and transported to a special turkey sanctuary in upstate New York. The agency wrote: “The homeowner has not contacted DEC, but can reach out to DEC’s regional wildlife office for further follow up and assistance in this matter.”

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