Turkey Q1 ferrous scrap imports rise 26.2% on year to 5.4 million mt: TCUD – Metals


Ferrous scrap imports into Turkey in the first quarter of 2018 rose 26.2% year on year to 5.4 million mt on the back of stronger crude steel output from electric arc furnaces, according to data from the Turkish Steel Producer Association (TCUD).

Turkish crude steel production in the quarter rose 7.9% year on year to around 9.5 million mt, with production largely extended through higher EAF capacity that uses scrap as a steelmaking raw material.

The EU remains the biggest supplier of scrap into Turkey, at 3.2 million mt in the quarter, up 15.5% on the year, followed by the US, up 22.4% year on year at 990,000 mt.

Supplies from the Commonwealth of Independent States saw the largest percentage increase, rising 77.1% in the quarter to 659,000 mt of scrap.

With a share of 12.3% of total imports, this leaves the CIS region with a considerably higher share of imports into Turkey in the first quarter, narrowing the gap to the US import share, which stood at 18.4%, TUCD data showed.

Scrap from the EU took a 60% share of Turkish scrap imports in the first quarter, TUCD data showed.

–Pascal Dick, pascal.dick@spglobal.com
–Edited by Jonathan Fox, jonathan.fox@spglobal.com

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