Turkey season: Stitches basted again


Let’s talk turkey. Staten Island man says he can’t leave his home without being attacked by a wild turkey that is protecting 18 eggs laid on his property. Dept. of Environmental Conservation says he needs a permit to remove the bird but with Memorial Day approaching the only question is: “How do you like your turkey burger?” … Turkeys at MSG laid another egg at the NBA draft lottery. Knicks will select “blah blah blah” with the ninth pick. … Biggest turkey of the week besides Stitches? Robbie Cano, don’t ya know.

Considering “Furosemide” after watching the Mets get embarrassed 12-1 by the Jays. I could use the 80-game break. Zack Wheeler was touched for six runs in four innings. When Brandon Nimmo hit a homer in the ninth there were twice as many people at Grand Central Station than at Citi Field. Latest loss leaves us at -694 cranberries.

Taking our personal rain cloud to Miami. Haven’t backed the Marlins yet, but the Dodgers have been brutal this year after falling a game short in the 2017 W.S. Kenta Maeda hasn’t been the same while the Marlins Caleb Smith has been solid. Sorry Jeter, 20 units on the Marlins.

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