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1. The name Atatürk, meaning Father of the Turks was added to his original name of Mustafa Kemal by the Turkish parliament in 1934.

2. Atatürk’s leadership led to the founding of the Republic of in 1923.

3. Before the First World War it had been part of the Ottoman Empire for more than 600 years.

4. Noah’s Ark is supposed to have come to rest on Mount Ararat, a volcano in eastern Turkey.

5. You can travel from Europe to Asia and back underground on Istanbul’s Marmaray Metro line.

6. Camel wrestling, in which two male camels fight over a female, is popular in Turkey.

7. Of the 39 gold medals won by Turkey at the Olympics, 29 were for wrestling.

8. The colour turquoise, meaning Turkish, gets its name from the colour of “Turkey stone” or possibly the colour of the Mediterranean sea off Turkey.

9. The turkey bird gets its name from Turkish merchants who traded similar birds in Europe.

10. In 16th-century English, the verb “to turkish” meant “to transform, especially for the worse; to pervert; to turn into something different.”

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