Turkey will be forced to make choice in Syria – opinion


Turkey’s government will soon have to make a clear choice about whether it is on the side of the United States or Iran in Syria, according to Nikos Konstandaras, executive editor of Greek newspaper EKathimerini.

Despite all the power games and confusions in Syria since demonstrations broke out against President Bashar al-Assad in 2011, including Turkey’s initial support for Assad than of Jihadist groups in the country, Ankara will be called on to clarify which side it stands on following the alleged use of poisoned gas by the Assad regime, Konstandaras said.

Turkey’s new alliance with Russia and Iran is disturbing its Western allies, raising doubts about its allegiance. Its agreement to purchase S-400 defence missiles from Russia has particularly angered Washington, Konstandaras said.

While Turkey is pushing for Washington to pull Kurdish fighters out of Manbij, a key strategic region in Syria’s north, such a move may leave the gate open for Iran to increase its influence over the country. The question is what would Turkey do then, Konstandaras said.

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