Turkey’s TRT launches training program for foreign media


Turkey’s public broadcaster TRT launched the fifth edition of its International Media Training Program Tuesday to help train media professionals from around the world. The program, based on sharing TRT’s broadcasting experience, is bringing media members from around the world together with the theme “Effective Content Production” in the southern city of Antalya.

The 5th International Media Training Program “aims at conveying the common values of humanity and the concept of civilization to the world with the spirit of up-to-date broadcasting language.”

The program, started in 2009 with the participation of 27 countries, will run through Dec. 12 with 162 media professionals from 70 countries in attendance this year.

Professionals from public and private media outlets from Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa are attending the program, which will hold forums, panels and documentary screenings on broadcasting and new media. Along with TRT’s experienced staff, private sector media professionals have also joined the program sponsored by the government, state-run Anadolu Agency (AA) and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

In an opening speech, TRT Deputy President Erkan Durdu said they working on promoting a new broadcasting perspective based on shared values for a more livable world. “Turkey spearheaded many beneficial initiatives for the future of humanity in recent years. It made the voices of the oppressed heard around the world and extended a helping hand to the oppressed abandoned to their fate. TRT has provided a new approach in broadcasting in this context,” he said. Durdu said effective content production became the basic element to shape the future of broadcasting, and the audience became an actor rather than a subject in the news thanks to new technology. “Media is undergoing a transformation, and it does not induce hope yet. We are being tested by our perception of humanitarian values. Is the media a propaganda tool to cover up the truth or a source of legitimacy to help the strong or not? The media has to take sides.”

The event will hold five forums: “Effective Content Production,” “Future of TV Broadcasting,” “Reporting in a State of Emergency,” “Radio Everywhere” and “Big Data in Broadcasting.”

Participants will discuss mobile applications, new trends in broadcasting and new media technologies, and experts will talk about perception management, the media and Islamophobia, “Post Truth and Broadcasting,” “Emoji Culture” and the “Future of Entertainment.”

Daily Sabah Editor-in-Chief Serdar Karagöz will also speak as part of the “Diplomacy Reporting” panel on Dec. 10.

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