UK’s May uses phrase ‘Kurdish terrorism’ during Erdogan visit as Kurds protest in London


Erdogan said he had requested from the UK to extradite whom he called “terrorists.”

“Whether FETO or PKK, I have delivered a list of terrorists to Madam Prime Minister. We have demanded the extradition of those terrorists associated with PKK and FETO,” he said, also mentioning followers of a Turkish Islamic movement opposed to his rule.

For the second time during his three-day trip to London, Erdogan also labeled over 160 journalists jailed in Turkey as “terrorists and ATM vandals.”

“Just because they are journalists, just because they have a press card, doesn’t mean everything is allowed,” he said. “A terrorist cannot be a journalist.”

May said her government was taking action “where we have evidence of terrorist activity, of criminal activity.”

“I think you can see that in the action that has been taken against PKK here in the UK,” she continued.

By making the trip, the Turkish leader stated he hoped to bolster the two countries’ annual 17 billion dollar-large trade ties, including in the defense industry and development of fighter jets.

In an earlier interview with the BBC, Erdogan said Brexit presented “huge opportunities” for their commercial ties.

Outside London’s Downing Street, hundreds of pro-Kurdish protestors were demonstrating against Erdogan’s visit to the UK.

They were chanting slogans and holding posters that described Erdogan as a “terrorist” for his government’s actions at home and in Syrian Kurdistan.

Editing by Karzan Sulaivany

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