Watch: Niagara Falls police cruiser flees pursuing turkey


June 28 (UPI) — Police in New York state found themselves on the opposite side of a chase when a local turkey decided to pursue one of their patrol vehicles.

A video filmed in a Niagara Falls parking lot shows a turkey engaging a Niagara Falls Police Department patrol vehicle in a slow-speed chase in a parking lot.

The turkey has made the city his home for several months and was nicknamed “Jake” by locals.

“There is this turkey that has been walking around an area in Niagara Falls for months,” the filmer wrote. “He has been named Jake the Turkey. You can usually see him along Niagara Falls Blvd between 56th Street and the I-190. There’s been several times where he walked into the middle of the busy road and stopped traffic. He has become the unofficial mascot of Niagara Falls.”

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