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As the saying goes, “there’s no place like home” and while for many that may be true it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other places out there worth seeing and exploring. 

Just ask Terry King, who we met while standing on the side of the road in Turkey Creek looking for our next subject for What’s Your Story, lucky for us Terry happened to drive by and stop. He was born and raised in Turkey Creek, his roots there are deep, but deep as those roots are they certainly haven’t kept him standing still in the same place. It’s hard to find a job Terry hasn’t done, and seemingly just as hard to find a spot on the map that he’s never visited. His house is a collection of artifacts from across the planet that serve as reminders of all the places he’s been. 

After a stint in the Air Force Terry went on to work briefly for the Center for Disease Control before he lost interest and became a pilot for the state before “that got boring”. It was his work with a Norwegian company, however, that would send Terry all over the world from the Congo to the beaches of Singapore it’s easier to list the places he hasn’t been. The evidence of all these trips can be found in the nooks and crannies of his house, traditional African masks can be found alongside ebony elephants from Thailand everyone came along with a story as interesting as Terry’s. 

I asked Terry what it was about Turkey Creek that brought him back and he responded simply and matter of factually “I never left” a reminder that his roots are firmly planted in south Louisiana. While he’s no longer out exploring the world just a glimpse at the pictures and artifacts in his house gives you a glimpse into the world. Instead of leaving Turkey Creek for the world, Terry King has brought the world to Turkey Creek. 

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