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Turkey was once a popular holiday destination for Britons looking for an affordable break abroad.

However, a recent wave of terrorist attacks and coups within the country meant the tourism suffered.

Yet it has now been reported that tourism has risen for the first time since the problems.

It’s great news for the country that suffered a huge dip in travel services revenue by $8 billion, according to central bank data.

For the first time in 18 months, the country has recorded a 16 per cent increase in arrivals to the country, hitting 2.9 million in May.

Many of the hotels and tourist sectors have struggled to stay afloat.

Osman Ayik, chairman of the Turkey Hotelier’s Association told the Financial Times: “Everything stopped. It was like they pulled the shutters down.” 

“In terms of tourist numbers, our figures are perfect right now. But in terms of income, we still need time for things to stabilise – first, we need to make up our losses.”

A large problem for the country was the reduction in Russian tourists.

Russia banned charter flights to Turkey after one of its fighter planes was shot down by the Turkish Military in 2015.

With 1 in 10 visitors to Turkey being Russian, nearly 92 per cent of them had all but stopped visiting the country.

Following this, terror attacks in Istanbul such as the death of 39 people at a nightclub on New Years Day and an attack at Ataturk International Airport, the last few years have caused the country to struggle.

Thankfully, with the Russian ban lifting and more tourists deciding to travel there again, it means the country can begin to rebuild its reputation.

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