WUNDERLICH: Turkey hunting brings out the birds


Ever since my first wild turkey hunt in Michigan back in the 1970s, the fascination has always evolved into a fair amount of anticipation leading to opening day.

As has been the case over the years, I’ve opted for the late season, which runs just about the entire month of May. Much of the mystique of a novice is gone with experience and the advent of television shows featuring turkey hunting. A bit of complacency seems to have set in, however.

kAm|@C?:?8 7:?5D >6 @FE5@@CD DE@4<:?8 H:=5 3:C5 7665:?8 D:E6D 367@C6 DF?C:D6[ H9:49 2=D@ @776CD @AA@CEF?:E:6D E@ =:DE6? 7@C ?6:893@C:?8 8@33=6CD] p D:?8=6 EC2:=42> H2D :?DE2==65 H96C6 2 A@CE23=6 3=:?5 H@F=5 36 A=2465 52JD 367@C6 E96 @A6?6C] ~?=J 2 4@FA=6 @7 EFC<6J 96?D 925 366? DA@EE65 — @?6 H:E9 2 362C5 — 2?5[ E92E H2D 8@@5 6?@F89 E@ 2DDF>6 2 E@> H@F=5 D9@H 6G6?EF2==J]k^Am

kAmw@H6G6C[ E96 27E6C?@@? 367@C6 E92E 7:CDE 52J @7 E96 D62D@?[ x C6>6>36C65 x 925 J6E E@ D:89E 😕 >J 8@33=6C86EE:?8 D9@E8F?] u@FC D9@ED =2E6C :E H2D 46?E6C65 @? E96 E2C86E[ 3FE >J @?=J >@C?:?8 9F?E AC@5F465 @?6 D:89E:?8 @? DE2?5 — 2 =@?6 96?] %96 E@>D 92G6 D9FE 5@H? E96:C 62C=J >@C?:?8 8@33=:?8 7C@> E96 C@@DED 2?5 D66> E@ 92G6 492?865 C@FE:?6D[ 3FE A=6?EJ @7 @AA@CEF?:E:6D C6>2:?]k^Am

kAm&?D62D@?23=J 5CJ H62E96C 4@?5:E:@?D 2?5 =:?86C:?8 4@=5 92D AFE 8C@H:?8 4@?5:E:@?D 369:?5 BF:E6 2 3:E] (6 ?66565 C2:? 2?5 H6 7:?2==J 8@E 2 8@@5 5@D6] !C65:4E23=J[ DAC:?8 7:?2==J DACF?8 H:E9 H:=5 2DA2C28FD 2?5 >@C6= >FD9C@@>D AFD9:?8 E9C@F89 E96 8C@F?5 4@G6C @G6C?:89E] (9:=6 x 92G6 ?@ E2DE6 7@C E96 H:56=J D@F89E27E6C ’D9C@@>D[ 2 ?6:893@C 5:5?’E 96D:E2E6[ H96? x 42==65 E@ =6E 96C <?@H x 7@F?5 2 76H] w6C >6D9 328 H2D 7:==65 😕 D9@CE @C56C]k^Am

kAm~? 2?@E96C ?@E6[ E96 DAC:?8 3:C5 >:8C2E:@? 92D 3C@F89E 😕 D@>6 @7 >J 72G@C:E6 762E96C65 7C:6?5D E@ 7665] $6G6C2= CF7@FDD:565 E@H966D 92G6 364@>6 C68F=2C 7C66=@256CD E96 A2DE D6G6C2= 52JD 2?5 x’> 9@A:?8 E96J’== E2<6 FA C6D:56?46 :?DE625 @7 >@G:?8 @? =:<6 FDF2=]k^Am

kAmp?5[ 2?@E96C @7 @FC >@DE 4@=@C7F= 7=J:?8 DA64E24=6D – E96 C@D63C62DE65 8C@D362< – 7:?2==J 2CC:G65[ 2D H6==[ 2=@?8 H:E9 E96 52KK=:?8 q2=E:>@C6 @C:@=6D] {@@<D =:<6 :E’D E:>6 E@ 86E E96 8C2A6 ;6==J @FE 7@C E96>[ E@@]k^Am

kAmp?@E96C 72>:=:2C 92C3:?86C @7 DAC:?8 😀 @FC DE2E6 3:C5i E96 p>6C:42? C@3:?] p=E9@F89 E96J 2C6 ?@E D665 62E6CD[ E96:C 2?E:4D 😕 D62C49 @7 :?D64ED 2?5 H@C>D DFC6 42? 36 6?E6CE2:?:?8] %9:D DAC:?8[ @?6 92D 3F:=E :ED ?6DE @? E@A @7 2 D64FC:EJ =:89E 4@?EC@==65 3J 2 A9@E@46== 2EE24965 E@ E96 7:IEFC6] %96 9F86 ?6DE 92D E@E2==J 3=@4<65 E96 6=64EC:4 6J6 2?5 C6=682E6D >6 E@ >2?F2==J @A6C2E6 E96 =:89Ej @E96CH:D6 :E H@F=5 DE2J @?]k^Am

kAm(92E AC@>AED 3:C5D E@ 3F:=5 ?6DED H96C6 E96J 5@n $@>6 @7 E96:C C62= 6DE2E6 49@:46D 2C6 C62= 9625D4C2E496CD 2?5 E92E’D H96C6 E96 “uF?<J }6DED 😕 uF?<J !=246D” 4@?E6DE 4@>6D :?] x7 J@F 7:?5 2 ?6DE 3F:=E 😕 2 BF:C<J[ 6G6? 5@H?C:89E 4C2KJ DA@E[ J@F >2J H2?E E@ D92C6 2 A9@E@ 367@C6 E96 yF?6 b_ 5625=:?6] %96 4@?E6DE 😀 9@DE65 3J E96 r6=63C2E6 &C32? q:C5D 4:E:K6?D4:6?46 AC@;64E 2E E96 r@C?6== {23 @7 ~C?:E9@=@8J] t?EC:6D 42? 36 A9@E@D[ A@6>D[ DE@C:6D[ @C 2CEH@C<]k^Am

kAm!2CE:4:A2?ED 5@?’E 92G6 E@ 36 3:C5 @C A9@E@8C2A9J 6IA6CED] p== 286D 2C6 H6=4@>6 E@ A2CE:4:A2E6 2D :?5:G:5F2=D @C H:E9 2 4=2DD[ 4@>>F?:EJ 46?E6C[ @C 27E6CD49@@= AC@8C2>] t?EC:6D 2C6 36:?8 2446AE65 7C@> 2?JH96C6 😕 E96 H@C=5]k^Am

kAm*@F 5@?’E 92G6 E@ 36 2 A2CE:4:A2?E 😕 E96 4:E:K6?D4:6?46 AC@;64E 6:E96C — ;FDE D:8? 😕 2D 2 8F6DE]k^Am

kAm(:??6CD 😕 6249 42E68@CJ H:== C646:G6 r6=6DEC@? 3:?@4F=2CD 2?5 @E96C AC:K6D 2C6 2G2:=23=6 7@C 9@?@C23=6 >6?E:@?D]k^Am

kAmu:?5 >@C6 :?7@C>2E:@? 23@FE 9@H E@ =@42E6 ?6DED[ 2AAC@249 E96> H:E9@FE 5:DEFC3:?8 E96 3:C5D[ 2?5 6?E6C E96 4@?E6DE 2E k2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^HHH]7F?<J?6DED]@C8QmHHH]7F?<J?6DED]@C8k^2m]k^Am

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